Zomato Issues an Apology and Announces the Launch of Tamper Proof Tape for Deliveries


A viral video was recently released on social media, the video shows a delivery person from Zomato eating food that was meant to be delivered. After the delivery man is done eating the food out of the box, he reseals the box and replaces the box back in the delivery bag. This video of the Zomato delivery person has gone viral. A lot of customers have raised serious concerns about the safety of their food. Zomato has recently issued a statement apologizing for the incident.

Zomato Issues an Apology and Announces the Launch of Tamper Proof Tape for Deliveries
Zomato Issues an Apology and Announces the Launch of Tamper Proof Tape for Deliveries

Zomato’s Apology to the Public

Zomato issued an apology on the issue through its CEO Mohit Gupta, he started off the statement with acknowledging the incident. He then describes what happens in the video. He talks about how the video suggest that the delivery man ate food meant for their customers. Gupta then goes to apologise and explain that the issue was taken very seriously by his organization.  Gupta says that an investigation was launched and that they spoke to the delivery rider at length about the incident. He goes further to explain that though they understand that it was an error in judgment, they decided to take him off their platform. Zomato offered a sincere apology and says that the viral incident was a rare case and won’t happen again. Zomato also took the opportunity to say that they stand behind their extensive fleet of delivery persons who do the right thing

Tamper Free Tape

In an effort to rectify the issue, Zomato through its CEO Mohit Gupta announced the introduction of tamper-free tape. He said that the incident highlights the possibility that tampering of food can happen during deliveries. Gupta explains that the discovery app will introduce the tamper-free tapes and other precautionary measures to help safeguard against further incidents. The discovery app hopes to quell any worries customers might have against food tampering. In the statement apologizing about the incident, Gupta says that the incident only intensified their commitment to fleet training and scheduling. The delivery app also says that they will be offering further and extensive training for its delivery staff.

About Zomato

Zomato is an Indian restaurant discovery service, it was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. The service provides information and reviews on restaurants. It also facilitates online ordering, table reservations and management. It currently operates in over 23 countries. The discovery app recently announced that they have acquired Indian Drone-delivery startupTechEagle. The acquisition of TechEagle might mean that they may soon start delivering foods by using drones.


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