Zenith Bank Debit Cards: Everything You Need to Know


The Zenith Bank Debit Cards are cards used as lines of payment, which also represents an electronic form of withdrawing cash from your bank account or for making purchases with the cash in your bank account using this card. It can also be used at POS machines and online platforms too.

Zenith Bank Debit Cards: Everything You Need to Know

These cards make available a steady account access to a whole lot of users and customers from about 250 countries in the world. They support the service of withdrawals from ATMs in the local currencies of these countries, and also in store, online platform payments, and POS terminals and purchases.

The Debit Cards issued by Zenith Bank are issued on demand by customers at any Zenith Bank branch in partnership with the MasterCard, Verve Card, and Visa Card. They are always available for issuance in Classic, Gold and Platinum forms and are being protected and tracked with a PIN and smart chip technology.

Benefits of Zenith Bank Debit Cards

Just like every potential bank, the Zenith bank is a bank full of innovations and ideas, and together with their products and services rendered to customers and users, they have proven to be a bank always ready to serve their customers to the fullest. Amongst the products and services of this bank are the Zenith Bank Debit Cards, which are full of amazing features and benefits you will certainly love!

  1. These cards offer you easy use and convenience.
  2. Global acceptance – it is accepted all over the world.
  3. It provides its users and customers with financial freedom – gain free and easy access to your bank account and cash anytime and anywhere you go.
  4. Safe and secure – with this card, you can easily make purchases and make payments instantly. This is safer and more secure than moving around with cash.

Types of Zenith Bank Debit Cards

The bank issues out three main types of Zenith Bank Debit Cards, the three types of card offers are;

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • Verve Card

However, the most common Debit card issued by the Zenith Bank platform is the Visa Debit Card.

How to Get Zenith Bank Debit Cards            

To get this card, you need to be an account owner in Zenith Bank and if you have not opened an account, then you have to do that before you can gain access to this card.

Go to the Zenith bank branch where you opened your bank account and request for an ATM card, a short application form for the card will be given to you, complete the form and submit.

When your card is ready, it will be issued to you. All you have to do is use the Zenith bank ATM card to activate the card and change the PIN to your personal PIN you want to keep using by inserting the card into the ATM, click on “Change PIN” and follow the procedures to put your own secret PIN.

Cost of Zenith Bank Debit Cards       

These Zenith Bank Debit Cards costs 1,000 Naira and this money will be deducted from your bank account. The bank can also process your ATM card even without money in your bank account, but once money comes into your bank account, the 1,000 Naira is deducted immediately.


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