Zedvance Promotes Education with Back-To-School Campaign


Zedvance one of Nigeria’s leading consumer finance firm’s recently brought back its Back-to-school campaign. The campaign is aimed at showing the financial firms commitment to providing support to quality education in Nigeria. Zedvance Back-to-school campaign targets parent, proprietors, teachers and guardians.

Zedvance Promotes Education with Back-To-School Campaign

About Zedvance’s Back-to-School Campaign

As part of Zedvance’s commitment to providing support to quality education in Nigeria, the brand is giving people access to loans. The back-to-school campaign involves offering easy access loans to people closely related to the educational sector, to help lessen the burden of educational related bills. The financial brand is offering easy access to loans to parents, guardians, proprietors and teachers. They are offering loans which range between fifty thousand nairas (N50, 000) and five million nairas (5,000,000) to these groups of people. Zedvance is also offering a flexible repayment plan that goes up to 18 months at very competitive rates.

This is not the first time Zedvance will be running this back-to-school campaign, this new campaign is a relaunch. According to the brand, this campaign will help to ease the burden of school fees and other sundry bills that comes with the resumption of a new academic term on parents’ and guardians’. The loans will be available to salary-earners in Nigeria with qualifying customers receiving loans in less than three hours (for already existing customers) and less than five hours (for new customers).

Zedvance Speaks on the Back-to-School Campaign

The Brands CMO Jerry Osagie spoke about the back-to-school campaign. He talked about how committed the brand is to promoting quality education and financial inclusion in Nigeria. Osagie talked about how the brand is a customer-centric brand and after being inspired by the yearnings and aspirations of their customers, they decided to create this campaign. They looked at the realities of the market and they decided to partner with parents, guardians, teachers as well as school proprietors to provide easy access to much-needed loans. This is they hope will ensure that school pupils receive a quality education

About Zedvance

This financial institution provides loans to customers, they exist to support consumers financial needs. To participate in their back-to-school campaign, you can access it self-service digital channels including WhatsApp or by chatting with Zee on 09060003933. You can also go to their website at www.zedvance.com. Their phone numbers to talk to the Customer Service Centre on 07001001000.


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