YouTube Shopping Ads: YouTube Launches Shopping Ads Just in Time for Christmas


YouTube recently announced the addition of shopping ads to its platform. The YouTube shopping ad comes just in time for Christmas season (one of the heaviest shopping seasons). According to reports, YouTube is hoping to capitalize on the evolving relationship consumers have with the video platform.

YouTube Shopping Ads: YouTube Launches Shopping Ads Just in Time for Christmas

About YouTube Shopping Ads

The YouTube shopping ads will surface on YouTube’s home feed and in the search results. It is currently only available on the mobile app. A carousel of clickable consumer products will appear on the mobile home screen and search results page.  YouTube has shared plans to bring ads to other environments such as desktops. The YouTube shopping ads have been in a multi-month test mode and are now globally available.

YouTube visitors who have searched for a product on Google, will be served ads based on their activity on Google. For example, if a consumer expresses interest in running, they may receive a horizontally scrollable catalogue of static images with product offerings from retailers, like Puma (an official launch participant).

The YouTube Shopping Ads comes as other digital platforms like Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram work to become more shoppable. These other platforms have all released ad units that make it easier for users to click on to buy products.

YouTube Speaks on the New Offering

Nicky Rettke, director of YouTube product management spoke about the new offering. She stated that as more users come to YouTube for reviews and recommendations, there has become an opportunity to serve engaging, shoppable ad types. According to Rettke, the ads provide the opportunity to “show something that’s more relevant” to users.

Rettke said YouTube will take interest signals, such as search queries on Google, to deliver relevant shopping ads on its app. She added that marketers running shopping ad campaigns can simply opt into running them on YouTube at the same cost-per-conversion.


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