YouTube Bans Comments on Videos of Minors


As YouTube continues to be the centre of controversies which involve child safety, the video platform has decided to disable comments on videos which feature minors. YouTube has be reviewing and enforcing some new policies recently after it was revealed that pedophiles were communication and sharing disturbing links of children in the comment sections of videos. This revelation was made by a blogger, you can read more about it here. The blogger also explained that YouTube’s algorithm was making it easy for the paedophiles to find similar videos. This led to a lot of brands cutting ad spending on the platform. Brands like Nestle, Disney, Hasbro, Epic Games and AT& T all pulled spending on the platform.

 About YouTube’s Ban on Comments on Videos of Minors

The video platform has already begun to disable comments of videos that can be subject to predatory behaviour. They have disabled comments on over 20 million videos. The process is a continuous process and will last for the next few months. YouTube also plan to add other efforts and policies to prevent and encourage this kind of predatory behaviour. According to sources YouTube plans to open comment sections for a very select number of creators who produce videos featuring minors.

The video stated that these channels whose comments will be opened will be required to actively moderate their comments, beyond just using our moderation tools. They will also be required to demonstrate a low risk of predatory behaviour.  YouTube plans to work with these channels to help prevent this predatory behaviour. The video platform stated that their goal is to grow this number of channels over time. The will grow the number of channels as their ability to catch violative comments continues to improve. The video platform has also accelerated the launch of a comment classifier. The comment classifier will identify and remove predatory comments. It will detect and remove comments twice as effectively as its previous version.


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