Your Army Needs You: British Army New Recruitment Ad


The British Army recently released a new campaign for 2019 which is geared towards getting new recruits. The new campaign seems to be geared towards recruiting the Gen Z generation (people born between 1995 and 2015).  They are calling on “snowflakes, selfie addicts, class clowns, phone zombies, and me, me, millennial” to join their ranks.

Your Army Needs You: British Army New Recruitment Ad

About the Campaign

The campaign consists of posters and TV ads titled Your Army Needs You. The campaign is geared towards showing that the British army sees beyond stereotypes and admires the unique qualities of these stereotypes. It suggests that what is seen as a weakness or a character flaw by the rest of society can is considered a strength by the British army.  It aspires to show the youths that the army recognizes their need for a bigger sense of purpose. Some posters and promotional materials are shown to have things like:

  • The army could use the “compassion” of “snowflakes”
  • The army could use the “self-belief” of millennials
  • Your army needs the “confidence” of selfie-takers
  • The army could use the “focus” of phone zombies

The campaign was created by Karmarama and was inspired by insights that showed that 74% of people in their TA age bracket are looking for a job with purpose. It was also based on the historic Your Country Needs You First World War poster featuring Field Marshal Lord Kitchener.

Your Army Needs You: British Army New Recruitment Ad

About the TV Ads for the Campaign

The TV campaigns follow the similar message of the print ads. It builds on the insight that inspired the campaign, which is the younger generation wants a job with a greater purpose. In the TV ad, the potential recruits are first shown at home or at work, with others calling out their stereotypes. The scene then suddenly changes to them in their army roles. Some of the roles range from soldiers assisting on humanitarian missions in war-torn villages to providing support in a hurricane relief effort.

The ad also builds on the weakness can be turned to strength premise. It shows how a gamer who stays up all night is seen as a person who shows stamina and dedication. Another scene in the ad cuts to someone who slowly and steadily stows supermarket shopping trolleys, to the annoyance of his colleagues. But is considered a perfectionist with patience to the army.

According to the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, these campaigns are a powerful call to action. He says they will appeal to anyone who wants to make a difference as part of an innovative and inclusive team.


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