YouPorn Launches the First Ever X-Rated Virtual Influencer


YouPorn the adult media site just recently unveiled its computer-generated spokeswoman. The sites new spokeswoman is called Jedy Vales and she is the first ever x-rated virtual influencers. She is the newest addition to the growing list of virtual influencers and unlike other virtual influencers can promote x-rated content

YouPorn Launches the First Ever X-Rated Virtual Influencer

About YouPorn’s X-Rated Virtual Influencer Jedy Vales

To create Jedy Vales, YouPorn partnered with porn tech company Camsautra VR. The X-Rate Virtual Influencer Jedy Vales will interact with fans and create content across Twitter, Instagram and Modelhub.  Jedy Vales the X-rated virtual influencer will be interacting with fans in NSFW contexts. Because most social media platforms don’t allow X-rated content on their sites, Jedy Vales will be creating content on Modelhub. Model hub is an online marketplace where users exchange explicit videos.

She will also be rendered in real-time through the video game software Unreal Engine to film explicit videos. The X-rated virtual influencer will also be featured in a series of social activations to build her profile on various channels. The brand’s goal is to reach 1 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. After which YouPorn will release an exclusive explicit video of Vales on Modelhub.

During the unveil Judy Vales made a statement, stating that she would be sharing information about her favourite porn sites and will be sharing peeks into her life with the YouPorn community. She also stated that she will be looking forward to becoming their go-to source for providing fun and entertaining updates. Vales also explained that is looking forward to being an active part of the future of porn.

Camastura Industries and YouPorn Speak on their New X-rated Virtual Influencer

According to YouPorn’s VP Charlie Hughes, she is the quintessential representation of the technological innovations the brand is known for. He also stated that she is the perfect spokesperson to represent YouPorn. He explained that with Vales coming on board, the brand will be able to interact with their users in a new environment. Hughes also stated that he is excited to see what Jedy has in store.

According to Camsautra Industries CEO Adam Sutra, Judy Vales fits into Camsaustra VR’s plan to create a world of lifelike and naturally moving avatar porn stars with “a real-time gaming pipeline” for use in its immersive adult videos.

The Rising Trends of Virtual Influencers

The idea of brand’s using Virtual Influencers is becoming a fast-rising trend. The trend was spearheaded by Virtual Instagram celebs like Lil Miquela, Shudu etc. Virtual Influencers are the latest ways brands are thinking about brand safety. With Virtual Influencers, brands get the best of worlds, they have the personalities of social media stars without the added human unpredictability. Brands like Prada, Balmain, Chanel and Fenty have used Virtual Influencers. Recently KFC created turned the brand’s colonel into a virtual influencer and he has already partnered with a few brands.


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