Wunderman Thompson Unveils its New Brand Identity


Last year WPP announced that it will be merging two of its agencies. They stated that they will be merging Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson to form Wunderman Thompson. The new Wunderman Thompson has been undergoing changes to fit into its new mould. Wunderman Thompson recently unveiled its new brand identity. They revealed this new brand identity to its employees and to the public. The big reveal includes a new look for its new website, logo and positioning.

Wunderman Thompson’s New Brand Identity

The new Wunderman Thompson defines itself as a creative, data and technology agency that focuses on inspiring growth for ambitious brands. The agency’s new mission is “Inspiring growth”, they also revealed what it takes to achieve this “Inspiring growth” goals. A new logo was also been unveiled, the logo was designed by Landor. The new logo mirrors WPP’s transformation from a traditional black and white agency design to a more modern look with brighter and more vibrant colours. Wunderman Thompson’s new logo shows a prominent plus sign. The plus sign or “inspiration conveys the agency’s competitive edge. With the new logo, Wunderman Thompson is trying to convey the unique value the agency has to offer with the combination of Wunderman’s data proficiency and JWT’s creative skills.

A microsite was designed to showcase the agency’s new look, they plan to unveil the full site later in the year. The Agency has also opened new social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. They shared their new brand identity on all its social media platforms. According to reps of the agency, they will be rolling out the new identity in phases. Wunderman Thompson also unveiled four behavioural guidelines each staff of the agency is embed. The four behavioural guidelines are:

  • Listen
  • In It Together
  • Creative Bravery
  • Do the Right Thing

The agency believes these 4 guidelines will help the agency and its clients see the world differently and reject conventional thinking. These 4 guidelines are to help the agency achieve its goal and mission for growth.

Wunderman Thompson Speaks on New Brand Identity

CEO of the agency Mel Edwards spoke to Ad Week about the new logo. She stated that it is a nice and visual way to communicate. She also explained that the sign will be applied very selectively. It will be applied to things the agency finds outstanding or inspiring. These things can be a cultural moment, a campaign or an employee.


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