Wunderman Thompson Seattle: WPP Unites Wunderman, Possible and Cole & Weber as Part of a Power House Merger


WPP recently announced that it will be merging the Seattle offices of Wunderman, Possible and Cole & Weber to become Wunderman Thompson Seattle. This merger comes just a few months after the merger of J. Walter Thompson and Wunderman. WPP is currently undergoing some restructuring after a 30% drop in profits and the loss of some key clients.  The restructuring has seen a few mergers.

Why WPP Decided to Merge Wunderman, Possible and Cole& Weber

According to sources, WPP’s decision to merge the 3 agencies together comes as a result of the need to streamline the Wunderman Thompson organization. They plan to streamline the agency by eliminating or consolidating some of its sub-brands on a region-by-region basis. They will also combine teams with expertise in areas like Amazon, marketplace and iOS app development to offer a fuller suite of services in one place.

The New Structure of Wunderman Thompson Seattle

The merger will see the 3 agencies working from a single office, the office is Possible’s former headquarters. The merger will become effective from the 29th of March. Wunderman Thompson New York will work as the newly formed Wunderman Thompson Seattle’s global base. Even though the Possible agency is technically part of Wunderman Thompson Seattle, Possible will remain a single entity to key clients in New York and Seattle. Those key clients include AT&T, VW and Microsoft. According to sources, Yale & Olive, a conflict division of Wunderman will be unaffected by the merger.

The formation of Wunderman Thompson Seattle will also see some leadership changes. The managing director of Wunderman Seattle Justin Marshall will now be the President of Wunderman Thompson Seattle. The president of the creative agency at Cole & Weber Mike Doherty will also change his role. The role hasn’t been specified yet but he will serve in a very significant role in the Wunderman Thompson Seattle. The Managing Director at Possible Joe Crump will retain the same position at the new company. Both Marshal and Crump will be reporting to Shane Atchison the North American Chief Executive Officer.

Wunderman Thompson Speaks on the Merger

Shane Atchison the North American Chief executive officer spoke about the merger. He stated that merger is part of the same narrative Mark Read, the group’s Chief Executive set for the holding company. The narrative which will see agencies combining their creative tech, analytics and commerce capacities on the behalf of their clients. He stated that the new company will combine 3 agencies which have deep roots in creativity, data and technology to create a new kind of agency. This agency according to Atchison, will truly stand apart from the rest.


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