Writing Making Your Mark Exhibit to Open at British Library


The British Library the UK’s equivalent to the Library of Congress recently announced a new exhibition. The exhibition which is titled Writing Making Your Mark will be displayed at the British Library. The exhibition writing Making Your Mark will showcase the history of writing. It will follow the evolution of writing from hieroglyphs to early examples of printed text. The exhibition will be tracing the evolution of the written word all the way from hieroglyphics to emoji. The exhibit will feature more than 100 objects from the extensive collection. The whole exhibit will span over 5,000 years and across five different continents. Writing Making Your Mark will tell the story of how humans write. It will also display over 30 different writing systems.

Writing Making Your Mark Exhibit to Open at British Library

About the Writing Making Your Mark

The exhibit will be on view from April 26 to August 27, 2019. The Writing Making Your Mark exhibit will feature some great items like:

  • Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs carved on a stone monument
  • “Mainz Psalter,” the second major book printed with movable type in the West.
  • An early edition of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”
  • James Joyce’s annotated copy of “Ulysses”
  • A 60,000 strong petition against Bengali partition from 1905 which will sit alongside tattooing instruments.
  • A new take on typography by the Russian artist El Lissitzky.
  • Composition books of Mozart
  • Pioneering notebooks of Alexander Fleming.
  • An ancient wax tablet containing a child’s homework
  • A Chinese typewriter from the 1970s

The Writing Making Your Mark exhibit will also feature the writing traditions of many cultures and civilizations. The exhibit will look at the impact these writing innovations have had in many areas, like personal expression and art. There will also be a lot of interactive opportunities for attendees. Attendees will be given the opportunity to reflect on the works of genius that might not have happened without the writing traditions of the past. The Writing Making Your Mark exhibit will also look to the future. They will ask attendees to consider the writing future and what role attendees can play in an increasingly digital world.

About the British Library

This is the national library of the United Kingdom, it is the largest national library in the world by the number of items catalogued.  The British Library is said to contain over 150million+ items from many countries. It receives copies of all the books produced in the UK and Ireland, they also receive books from overseas that are distributed in the UK.  It is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.



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