World’s Smallest McDonald’s Buzzes with Bees


Ever thought about what the world’s smallest McDonald’s looks like and what they serve? Well, we have an answer for you, according to the buzz, the world’s smallest McDonald’s doesn’t serve burgers, milkshakes, ribs or fires. The world’s smallest McDonald’s actually only severed honey because it is a beehive.

World’s Smallest McDonald’s Buzzes with Bees

World’s Smallest McDonald’s Buzzes with Bees

According to reports, the bee populations worldwide has been drastically declining and there have been numerous calls to action to help keep these pollinators pollinating. A Swedish franchise took up the cause by putting a beehive on top of its rooftop. The trend swiftly spread throughout Sweden McDonald’s, with many McDonald’s in Sweden putting beehives on top of its restaurants’ rooftop. This is part of McDonald’s Sweden’s sustainability work.

To honour McDonald’s Swedish sustainability project, Nord DDB created what could be the world’s smallest McDonalds. Which happens to be a fully functioning beehive called McHive. The bees enter the hive through the main entrance. The McHive is so sleek that it even has its own McDrive and seating outdoors. It was designed and built by set designer Nicklas Nilsson.  The McHive was auctioned off on 21st of May during a charity fundraiser. The charity fundraiser was for Ronald McDonald House charities. The McHive was sold to a franchisee at the auction for more than $10,000.

McDonald’s Speaks on its Sustainability Work

The brand’s marketing director of their Sweden arm Christoffer Ronnblad spoke about the brand’s sustainability work. He talked about how the brand has a lot of really devoted franchisees who contribute to their sustainability work. He explained how it feels good that they can use their size to amplify such a great idea as beehives on the rooftops. Ronnbald also spoke about the beehive McDonald’s, the McHive. He stated that the miniature McDonald’s, the McHive I a tribute to franchisee.

Video of McHive – the world’s smallest McDonald’s


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