Wizkid Plans to Roll Out Music Streaming App


Nigerian artist Wizkid recently announced that he will be rolling out a music streaming app. He stated that his fans should be expecting the music streaming app very soon. No exact date or a time frame was given during the announcement but it is clear that the launch is very close. The Afrobeats sensation stated that the music streaming app was created in partnership with Nigerian-based bank, United Bank for Africa. The bank has been investing in media and entertainment-related ventures lately. They are the owners of Nigerian TV station Red TV.

Wizkid Plans to Roll Out Music Streaming App

WizKid will be Rolling Out a Music Streaming App

Afrobeats star Wizkid stated that he would be rolling out the streaming app very soon. He talked about how hard his team together with United Bank for Africa’s team has been working on the app. According to WizKid, the app will be a great platform for other musicians who wish to promote their music. These musicians who promote their music on the platform will be able to generate revenue from the platform also.

The Afrobeats star didn’t talk about what the platform will be called and when exactly it will be launched. But many of the stars fans are very expectant and can’t wait to use the platform.

Here’s Wizkids Official Announcement:

Wizkid, stated, “My team and I, we’ve been working so hard. I have this new streaming app that I’m about to launch right now, in collaboration with United Bank for Africa. Those are my new partners. We intend to create a streaming platform for people to be able to market their music, put out their music and actually get revenue right into their pockets.”

Other Announcements

Besides the music streaming app, the Afrobeats star Wizkid made another announcement. He talked about how he has plans to get on a talent hunt in 20 African countries to discover and seek collaborations. He stated, “We’re going to go around and pick some of the best talents from every African country. Collaborate and help them build, whatever we can do for the culture.”

The news of the streaming app and collaborations come less than two weeks after the release of his hit song ‘Joro’. The song is already topping music charts all around the world.


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