William Shatner Stars in Blockchain.com New Ad for The Pit


Blockchain.com recently launched a campaign for its new product called The Pit. The campaign involved the release of a video ad and they enlisted the help of Star Trek and TJ Hooker star William Shanter. William Shanter lent his comedic chops to promote Blockchain.com’s new product called The Pit. The Pit is a new cryptocurrency exchange by the cryptocurrency product provider. According to the brand, this new cryptocurrency exchange is the fastest exchange of its kind in the world.

William Shatner Stars in Blockchain.com New Ad for The Pit

William Shatner Stars in Blockchain.com New Ad for The Pit

To promote the cryptocurrency exchange, the website launched a global campaign. In the ad for the campaign, William Shanter is the centrepiece of the campaign. We see William Shanter and his accomplice try to rob a bank to get some cash. As they rob the bank, the unusually calm bank teller educates them on a way to really grow their portfolios. She tells them that they could grow their portfolios by trading currency in The Pit.

We then see the two robbers become visibly confused and they share their stories about when they tried trading crypto in the past. They talk about how they had to give up on it because the exchange was so slow. They also talked about how frustrating it was when they were locked out of their accounts. All this is aimed at showing the poor user experiences some may have using other cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. The robbery falls apart when Shanter is recognised by the Teller because he is in her spin class. As the screen fades to a text over that states “Don’t get held up, level up in The Pit.”

More About the Campaign

The digital campaign, ‘Don’t get held up. Level up in The Pit’ was created by agency Oberland in New York. Oberland New York is Blockchain.com’s first-ever creative agency. The campaign was not only created to raise awareness for The Pit but also to educate people about crypto. Shanter was the perfect face for the campaign seeing as he is a crypto investor himself. He is also part of two firms, Solar Alliance and Mattereum.

Blockchain.com Speaks on the Campaign

Haider Rafique, head of growth at Blockchain.com spoke about the campaign. He stated that after years of turbulence and hype, euphoria, and disillusionment, we’re at a stage where real-world applications of cryptocurrencies are having tangible impacts around the world. He talked about how campaigns that drive education, awareness, and that first purchase of crypto are vital to keeping this momentum moving forward and growing the community of crypto users.


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