What Is Google Maps: Everything You Need to Know


On this article on Google Maps, we will be answering the question “what is Google Maps”. It is a web mapping platform service developed by Google for the benefit of you and me. You might have gotten lost one or two times and you were scared as you didn’t know which way to go. It helps avoid this problem. The platform offers satellite imagery, street maps, three sixty degree panoramic views of streets and real-time traffic conditions.

Google Map Sign Up: How to Get Started

However, if you decide to use this platform you should know that you must own a Google account. There are various reasons for you to own a Google account as it is now required for almost anything on the internet. Other reasons are for the Google maps benefit as also helps in route planning for travelling by foot, car, bicycle, air or public transport. In other words, with the platform, you can simply plan and chose different routes to take while travelling depending on how and when you want to get to your destination.

Things the Google Maps Can Do For You

This platform has been around for quite a while now, a lot of people aren’t aware of the full capacity of the platform. In this subheading, I will be giving you a small list of the small but important things you can do with the google maps platform.

  1. You can easily get transportation directions.
  2. The platform can platform has help you create or draw a map.
  3. For the easy finding of your current location
  4. Route planning.
  5. Location sharing and location editing.
  6. Get instant traffic information.
  7. And lastly, it can be used for measuring distance and ETA.

Of course, the platform can also be used for other numerous things but above are some of the key feature and things you can use the google maps platform to do.

Accessing the Google Maps Platform

Now we have answered the questions “what is Google Maps? “Let’s talk about how to access the platform. To access the platform via your computer, simply seek the official google maps website at https://www.google.com/maps/. On the web page, add your Google account and confirm the account so yours by typing in your password. That’s it. The same procedure can also be applied on your mobile devices, while if you are using the google maps app on your device, platform haslaunch the app and add your Gmail account. Confirm your Gmail account and that is all. Now you can enjoy the entire features of the google maps platform.


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