What is Crowdfunding and How Can It Benefit a Start Up?


Crowdfunding has become a very popular method for startups to fund their new businesses and ideas. It is a big business and it is driving billions of dollars of revenue all across the world each day. This way of funding a business is proving to be a major game changer in the business world. As a startup, you might be considering using crowdfunding to finance your next business. On this post, we are going to talk about crowdfunding and what you need to know about it, especially as a startup.

What is Crowdfunding and How Can It Benefit a Start Up?

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is raising money from a large number of people for a business or project. The group of people usually contribute small amounts of money. The people who usually donate this money are your potential customers and now thanks to technology, it is done over the internet. There are now websites and social media sites just for this purpose.

How Crowdfunding Can Benefit a StartUp

Apart from the obvious reason of helping you raise the capital you need to start your business by providing you with a wider investor pool, there are other benefits it has to offer:

It serves as a marketing tool

This capital raising form is beneficial to startups because it acts as a marketing tool. It is a good way to introduce your business or idea to the market. It is especially good because it is free and it is easy for you to reach numerous channels. By using this capital raising method, you can organically gain traffic to your website from potential funders. It helps you spread the word to not just investors but also to potential customers.

It validates your idea

This capital raising method introduces your business to a wide audience and their enthusiasm is a great way to validate your idea. When you see how excited, impressed and how willing people are to invest in your idea, it will help validate your idea. Crowdfunding can act as a beta testing stage for your business. It will give your insight into how viable your business is in the market.

It helps to improve your business

No matter how well thought out you think an idea is, they are usually still some holes you didn’t see that need covering up. By sharing your ideas, you will receive questions, feedback and ideas that will add value to your business. The insights you gain from them can help improve your offering.

It’s easier than traditional applications.

Traditional loan application processes can be very difficult and very painful. But luckily for startups, the process for this capital raising method is a lot easier and less painful. All they need is a powerful message or video to launch their campaign.

It gives you a large reach

With this capital raising method, start up’s have access to a large pool of investors. They could even be from different part of the world


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