What Are Micro-Influencers & Why are they Crucial to a Winning Marketing Strategy?


Social media usage has grown in recent years and this has allowed influencer marketing to grow and boom. Influencer marketing has become a vital fixture in every marketing strategy. Brands, both small and big are using influencers to help promote their brand. In the world of influencer marketing is a new concept called micro-influencer marketing. This new concept is gaining traction and is poised to become more successful than celebrity influencer marketing. On this post, we would be talking about micro-influencers. We would talk about they are crucial to a winning marketing strategy.

What Are Micro-Influencers & Why are they Crucial to a Winning Marketing Strategy?

What Is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are social media influencers, they are unlike celebrity influencers, experts or public figures. They usually specialize in a particular niche and they have an audience of about 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Even though they have a smaller following than celebrity influencers, their following is usually very loyal. In recent years, micro-influencers have become more effective than celebrity influencers. According to recent stats and studies, people trust micro-influencers over celebrity influencers. In a survey, more than 60% of Gen Zers said they prefer ads with “real” people to those with celebrities. Next, we are going to be talking about why micro-influencers are crucial to a winning marketing strategy.

Why are Micro-Influencers Crucial to a Winning Marketing Strategy?

Using micro-influencers may seem counterintuitive. Considering the fact that they have a smaller following when compared to celebrity influencers. But there’s a lot of value they can add to your marketing strategy. They might even get better results for your brand. Here’s why they are crucial to a winning marketing strategy:

They have Better Engagement Rates

If you want to raise brand awareness and want to get people really talking about your brand then, incorporating a micro-influencer marketing strategy is important. Micro-influencers have better engagement rates than celebrities. Markerly conducted a study and found out that as influencer’s number of followers increases, their number of likes and comments from followers decreases. He recommended that brands pursue influencers with Instagram followings in the 1,000-10,000 range. He stated that with them, brands can achieve higher engagement rates among a large enough audience.

Another study by Experticity found that they have 22.2X more conversations than the typical Instagram users. This happens because they’re passionate and knowledgeable about their particular interest area. So if you want to truly connect and engage with your audience, then you should definitely work with these influencers.

They Have More Targeted Audiences.

According to Markerly’s study, these influencers have more targeted follower bases than influencers with follower numbers in the hundreds of thousands and millions. When you work with them, you can tap into very specific niche markets because their following usually aligns closely with their interests.

They are Affordable

Influencer marketing can be very expensive especially when you work with celebrity influencers, but they are significantly more affordable than celebrities or profiles with millions of followers. So if you have a smaller budget then working with these influencers are a great idea.

They are more authentic.

These people are real people and their content is also real and more authentic. Micro-influencers have a unique and very authentic way of connecting with their following. The unique way they interact with their following helps to build trust between them and their followers. Brands can leverage this connection and trust they have with their following.


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