Wavemaker Infographics: Here’s How Consumers Decide to Buy


Wavemaker recently released an infographic report on how consumers decide to buy items from different brands. As a marketer or a brand, you might often wonder why consumers will pick a certain brand over another brand. You might also wonder what you need to do to influence consumers to change their perspective about a certain brand. Well, Wavemaker and Buzzfeed were also probably wondering the same thing and decided to speak to some consumers. They talked to the consumers to get into their heads, to find out what makes a consumer pick one brand over another. They then released some infographics explaining how consumers decide to buy.  On this post, we would be sharing some of the insights from the Wavemaker’s Infographics.

AdWeek Infographics: Here’s How Consumers Decide to Buy

Here’s How Consumers Decide to Buy

  • Consumers are very open-minded, seeing as just 4% say they only consider one brand when making purchases
  • 72% say they only consider two to four, which is why brand loyalty should always be a top consideration for brands.
  • Eighty per cent (80%) of consumers say they’re either somewhat loyal or very loyal to the brands they buy.
  • According to the Wavemaker infographics, the top factors that keep them coming back are products being worth the price (30%), brands providing superior quality products (24%) and brands doing what they say they will do (22%).

AdWeek Infographics: Here’s How Consumers Decide to Buy

Wavemaker Speaks on the Infographics

Karima Zmerli the chief data science officer at wavemaker spoke about the infographics. She stated that today’s abundance of choice has brought about a significant paradigm shift in consumer loyalty. According to Zmerli, consumers now want to know: Does the brand include me? Does the brand love me? Will the brand evolve over time to meet my needs? She then stated that marketers need to evolve to more deeply understand their audiences. Marketers need to seek what attributes are most important to their audience. They need to find out which action they take along their journey, what touchpoints impact conversion and more. Zmerli explained that if marketers and brands are unable to do these things, they stand the huge risk of being filtered out.

Source: Ad Week


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