Walmart Voice Order: Walmart Partners with Google on Voice-Enabled Grocery Shopping


Walmart recently announced that it will be launching a new voice ordering capability. The Walmart voice ordering capability is called Walmart Voice Order. Walmart partnered with Google to create the Walmart Voice Order. The Walmart Voice Order allows customers to voice order groceries from their Google Assistant- enabled devices.

Walmart Voice Order: Walmart Partners with Google on Voice-Enabled Grocery Shopping

How Walmart Voice Order Works

According to the blog post announcing the Walmart Voice Order, the capability will be available across Google Assistant enabled devices like  Google Home, iPhones, smartwatches, and Android devices. To use the capability, users will simply say “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” Users can then order their groceries, the capability will use customer’s past purchases to identify the correct brand and size of the selected product. For example, if you order milk, it will be able to tell you to want to buy a gallon of 1% Great Value milk because you have purchased that exact milk in the past. The service will also inform the customer which items its choosing and the price point.

Details on Walmart Voice Order

According to the post, the service will be available from April. The rollout will be staged, which means over the next few weeks more and more customers will get the update. In the blog post, they stated that Walmart would be working with Google for a start. But they have plans to add other partners in the future. The Walmart voice capabilities is supposed to be used to round-up items for later purchase by adding them to a cart.

Users won’t need to check out each time they add a new item. With the capability, users can add an item to their grocery list immediately they realize they are out. According to sources, Walmart’s voice shopping for grocery pickup will be offered at more than 2,100 Walmart stores. For online delivery, it will be available at more than 800 stores


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