Walmart Black Friday: Walmart used Virtual Reality to Prepare Staff for Black Friday


For the Walmart Black Friday sales, Walmart prepared its employees for the hectic day using virtual reality headsets. If you have ever worked in retail, you would know how wild this once a year event can get. Walmart decided to train its staff to handle any and every situation that might arise during the Walmart Black Friday sales with virtual reality headsets.

Walmart Black Friday: Walmart used Virtual Reality to Prepare Staff for Black Friday
Source: Business Insider

About the Walmart Black Friday Training

To help their staff get ready for the Walmart Black Friday sales, Walmart established 200 VR training academies. Walmart employees can visit any of the 200 VR training academies to prepare for the Walmart Black Friday. At the training academies, they employees would wear an Oculus headset to get a feel of various scenarios they might face during the job. One of the scenarios that are available is the Walmart Black Friday sales, which is the busiest shopping day of the year. In the black Friday simulation, the employees experience the chaos that is Black Friday. They see the Walmart store packed with customers, as they pass in various directions while pushing their carts that are full of merchandise. During the simulations, training facilitators can pause the simulation to give the trainee time to think or ask a question.

About the Walmart Training Academies

The training academies have been running for about 2 years, the academies were created to help train, expand and improve training of Walmart employees. It was created to train the customer-facing employees of Walmart like the employees who meet and greet customers and the staff who check out customers. The academies are said to be very high tech, they added the virtual reality training last year. The Virtual Reality headsets were created by a Silicon Valley startup.  They plan to use Virtual Reality Tech to train their staff in 3 major areas:

  • New technology
  • Soft skills like empathy and customer service
  • Compliance

The goal of the Virtual Reality Headsets is to prepare employees for situations that are too hard to replicate. After running various training Walmart has found out the employees who use the Virtual reality technology are better prepared for new experiences. Based on the positive results, Walmart plans to expand the training to include 1.2 million employees.



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