Walkers Bags Mariah Carey for Its Christmas Ad


Walkers crisps recently launched a Christmas Ad starring music icon Mariah Carey. One of Mariah Carey’s popular songs is the famous Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Knowing that the songstress Mariah Carey is often associated with Christmas, Walker decided to utilize her star power to promote their brand this Christmas.

About Walker’s Christmas Ad with Mariah Carey

The Christmas ad was created by creative agency AMV BDDO and it stars the songstress. In the ad, we see Mariah Carey belting out her timeless Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” at a video shoot. She goes through the regular Christmas stereotypical gimmick but goes completely off script when a bag of Walker crisp is at stake. Carey and a very hungry elf both want a bag of the delicious chips. They both become embroiled in a tug of war for the last bag of Walkers Pigs in Blankets on set.

As the fight gets heated, Carey decides to play dirty by using her voice. She belts out a really high pitch which knocks everyone within earshot. After the pitch she belts out, the elf is forced to let go of the bag of crisp. Noting its Christmas and the season promotes the generous spirit, she graciously offers a solitary crisp to the hungry elf although once again he is left disappointed as a bird sweeps in to steal it. The brand’s message then pops up stating the crisps are too good to share

Mariah Carey Speaks on the Ad

Carey spoke about the ad. She stated that she had a lot of fun filming the commercial with the brand.  She spoke about how she has always loved their crisps from her trips to the UK and everyone knows she loves feeling festive so it was the perfect collaboration for her.


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