Volkswagen Promotes Its VW E Golf with Electric Music Video


Volkswagen recently launched a new campaign to promote its VW E Golf model. As part of the VW E Golf campaign, Volkswagen released a music video. The music video features Swedish electro-punk star Rein singing a cover to a popular Swedish song. Volkswagen music video and the song Rein covers is titled Electric. The whole campaign was created to promote the car brands investment in 100 per cent electric cars. The whole shoot for the video was powered by just one battery from a VW E Golf:

Volkswagen Promotes Its VW E Golf with Electric Music Video

About the VW E Golf Electric Music Video

The VW E Golf Electric video was created by Volkswagen and agency Nord DDB. It stars Swedish electro-punk star Rein as she covers Pop queen Leila K’s hit song from 1996. The song is titled Electric and is a timeless classic Swedish song. Rein’s cover for the VW E Golf campaign was produced by Joakim Ahlund and Tony Senghore. Her version is available on Spotify and you can watch the video on YouTube. The music video’s shoot was powered by the battery of a VW E Golf. The music video takes place on a stage in the middle of the forest. The whole video revolves around the power of the VW E Golf and it shows different situations that can be driven by the car.

The video is part of a larger campaign called “Let’s Get Electric.” The Lets Get Electric campaign also includes videos that show an electric car battery powering a massive wind turbine or an industrial electromagnet. Apart from the song and music video, a commercial film will be released on TV and digitally. Three commercials will be release to illustrate what can be equated with the power of the car battery.

Video of Electric by Rein

The Volkswagen Team Speak on the VW E Golf Electric Video

Jeanette Asteborg the brands marketing director in Sweden said that collaborating with Rein and using the song Electric felt like the obvious choice. She sang the song’s praises, calling it a timeless classic which focuses on electricity.  Asteborg also sang Rein’s praises, she talked about how the song was a difficult song to take on but Rein was able to do so much with the cover. They were very happy with the cover Rein came up with.

Simon Higby a rep from Nord DDB spoke about how the brand wanted to illustrate the power of the car. He explained that the brand decided against telling its consumers about the power of the VW E Golf car battery. They decided to illustrate it with different scenarios. There has been a lot of positive response to the music video, the video already has over 800,000 views on YouTube.


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