Visa Launches “She’s Next” Campaign to Support Female Entrepreneurs


Visa has recently launched the next phase of its “Money is Changing” initiative. The next phase is called “She’s Next” Campaign, the campaign was developed to support female entrepreneurs. The goal of the “she’s next” campaign is to champion and empower women to grow their small businesses.

Visa Launches “She’s Next” Campaign to Support Female Entrepreneurs

About the “Money is Changing” Initiative

The “money is changing so let’s talk about it” initiative was launched last year in June in North America. The initiative was launched after a study was launched and they found out that millennial women are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about money. Millennial women felt uncomfortable about asking for more money and were uncomfortable talking to their friends about it. The aim of the initiative is to have the possibly awkward conversation about how money is changing. So that everyone can make a financial decision that works for them. The “she’s next” campaign is the next phase of the campaign.

About the “She’s Next” Campaign

The “she’s next” Campaign aims to champion and empower women to grow their small businesses.  The campaign will feature female entrepreneurs, they will highlight the practical steps they took to change the game. It aims to challenge the existing taboos when it comes to money. There will be a diverse spectrum of female entrepreneur’s in this “She’s next” Campaign. They will all appear in a content series title “How I Changed It”, they will discuss how they overcame their money challenges.

The “She’s Next Campaign” will be run on a global scale throughout 2019. They will have pop-up events all around the world. The pop-up events will offer a wide range of practical tools, resources and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs. The campaign will be starting with an inaugural event in Atlanta on 30th of January.  They will be events planned around the Super Bowl and FIFA Women’s World Cup. Visa will also host a series of interactive workshops to tackle business challenges specific to each community.

The “she’s next” campaign is supported by the Female Founder Collective, Rebecca Minkoff’s. Female Founder Collective is a network of female-owned businesses. Their partnership will help build awareness of female entrepreneurs and invest in women across the socioeconomic spectrum around the globe, providing them with opportunities to build their businesses.


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