Viral BBC Interview Dad says Happy Holidays with


Hotels. Com recently released a new TV spot, the TV spot features the Viral BBC interview Dad. Professor Robert E Kelly the Viral BBC interview Dad went viral last year after a very funny interview interruption on BBC TV live. South Korea partnered with the viral family for it latest ad

Viral BBC Interview Dad says Happy Holidays with

About the Viral BBC Interview

Last year a viral video was released, this video shot the Kelly family to fame and made Professor Kelly theViral BBC interview dad. In the viral video, Professor Robert E Kelly is seen giving an interview on a live global BBC interview. He is shown to be sharing his expert opinion on a topic, when suddenly his daughter walks into the room interrupting the interview. Her little brother follows her into the room and as Professor Kelly is still trying to figure out what to do. His wife frantically races into the room to prevent the blooper. But it is too late as the hilarious exchange is caught on camera. The interview went viral and was loved by all. The hilarious exchange shot Professor Kelly and his family to fame. and BBC Interview Dad Send Christmas Message released a TV ad featuring the viral BBC interview dad and his family. In the ad, he shares a delightful Christmas message for South Korea. South Korea caught up with the happy family in Ohio America were they are spending Christmas. The Kelly family stays in South Korea but visited Ohio to spend Christmas with the professor’s family.

The spot starts as a breaking news bulletin and then Professor Kelly shares his Christmas message. He thanks the Hotel website for helping him enjoy Christmas with his family in Ohio. He then sends Christmas wishes to other families. Professor Kelly wishes other families the joy of a family reunion and a wonderful holiday. The TV spot focuses on highlighting the role travel plays in bringing families together.

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