Video Marketing: A Distribution Checklist to Ensure It is Seen and Heard


When creating video content, you might create an incredible video with great visuals and engaging content. The video might even have the potential to be the next viral hit but without giving it the reach it deserves you might have just wasted your time. In video marketing, the content is just as important as how you distribute it. This post on video marketing will discuss a distributing checklist. This video marketing distribution checklist will ensure you give your video the reach it deserves.

Video Marketing Distribution Checklist


For video marketing, YouTube should be the first place you upload and promote any video content. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so uploading and promoting your video content on YouTube ensures your content is getting the reach it deserves.  With YouTube, you are giving your content the opportunity to be viewed by millions of people all over the world.

Your Website

This goes without saying but, another important distribution channel for video marketing is your website. Uploading your video content on your website can give your content the reach it deserves especially if you get a lot of views daily. It will also help increase your conversions, according to stats, it can increase it by 80%. Uploading video content on your website will also help your website rank higher on Google because visitors are spending longer on your site.

Social Networks

Another place that goes without saying is your social media pages. Uploading your video content on social networks will increase its chances of going viral because it is easier to share content on social media. You can share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Email Campaigns

A great distribution channel for promoting your video content is through your email campaigns (for example when you send out newsletters). According to some stats, email marketing content that had videos had a 96 per cent higher click rate when compared to emails without videos. Promoting your video content with email campaign will help get your video the reach it deserves.

Email Signatures

Another great way to distribute your video content is by adding it to your organization’s email signature. This will ensure that every person who receives an email from your organization gets the opportunity to view your video.

Online advertising

You can also incorporate video marketing into your online marketing strategy. This greatly increase you reach on the videos.


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