Unity Bank Online: How to Sign Up To Unity Bank’s Online Platform


Banking with Unity Bank has been made easy with the launch of its online banking platform. Unity bank online banking is a platform that allows various users worldwide to electronically conduct all banking transactions. This is possible through a safe four digit pin you use to secure your account. Whenever you need to do a transaction, you simply impute the four-digit code.

Unity Bank Online: How to Sign Up To Unity Bank’s Online Platform

Benefits of Unity Bank Online Banking

Unity Bank Online banking has numerous benefits, from the comfort of your home you can pay bills, recharge your phone, send money to loved ones and so much more. With Unity bank online banking, there’s no need to endure long queues at the bank. Other benefits include;

  1. It has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and navigate.
  2. Easily accessible, as long as you have a phone or tab or computer and internet you can conduct banking transactions from anywhere.
  3. Unlimited access to bank information and products

You can learn more information about the unity online banking by calling the unity bank customer care line or visiting their online website at www.unitybankng.com.

How to Sign Up For a Unity Bank Online Banking Account

To sign up for a unity bank online banking account, visit the unity bank online banking page at https://unityonline.unitybankng.com/signup/choose-type. On the page, you can either open an account or register for an online account. If you wish to open a Unity Bank account:

  1. Choose the option that states you don’t have a Unity Bank Account.
  2. On the next page type in your BVN. If you don’t have a BVN skip the step.
  3. On the next page, impute your personal information. You will be asked to impute your full name, date of birth, address etc.
  4. You will need to upload your signature and passport photograph.
  5. The next page would ask you to impute a referral code if you have one impute it. If not skip the step.
  6. Enter the username you wish to use to access the account
  7. Choose your password.
  8. Set up your transaction pin
  9. Complete your profile login

If you have a unity bank account, you will be asked to impute your account number. After typing your account number on the field required for you, click continue and you will be given instructions on what to do afterwards.


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