Union Bank Wins Advertiser of the Year Award


CHINI Africa recently named Union Bank the advertiser of the year. Apart from the advertiser of the year award, Union Bank was also given the bronze category award for Integrated marketing campaign of the year. The bank was presented these two awards recently at the 2019 Pitcher Awards.

Union Bank Wins Advertiser of the Year Award

About CHINI Africa and Pitcher Awards

CHINI Africa

CHINI Africa is Cannes Lions Official Festival representative in Nigeria. They are also the organizers of the annual Creativity Week. Their core values as promoters of creativity squarely align with those of Cannes Lions as campaigners for creativity.

Pitcher Awards

The Pitcher Awards is an annual organized to celebrate and honour outstanding works from West and Central Africa in various categories. The categories include film, print, design, media, PR and digital.  The awards are designed to inspire creative excellence in marketing communications and help provide international recognition for the work, companies and people behind them.

About Union Banks Win at the Pitcher Awards

Union Bank was presented the Advertiser of the year awards at the 2019 Pitcher Awards. They were awarded this prestigious award in recognition of their creativity in the creation of impressive advertising campaigns. With an emphasis on these campaigns: ‘Clear Your Doubt’ campaign with its popular tagline don’t be an Uncle Thomas, and the more recent ‘Enabling Success’ campaign. The two campaigns were well received by the general public and were critically acclaimed by advertising professionals. The campaigns were praised for tackling strong themes like introspection, perseverance, healing and hope of a better future for Nigeria. The campaign was also the most watched Nigerian Commercial on YouTube in 2018 with over 2.7million views.

Union Bank Speaks on the Win

Ogoochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem the banks, Head of Corporate communications and marketing received the award on behalf of the bank. She also spoke about the bank winning the prestigious award. She stated that their brand is an essential part of their identity and that they are truly honoured to be recognized as ‘Advertiser of the Year’.  Ekezie-Ekaidem expressed the bank’s joy that the campaigns continue to resonate deeply with audiences across Nigeria and beyond. She spoke about Union Bank’s goal to elevate the voice of the everyday Nigerian for whom we have enabled success for over 100 years with the campaigns. She also thanked CHINI Africa and the general public for acknowledging their efforts.


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