Unilever to Develop Cross-Media Measurement Model


Unilever has recently announced that it will be developing a cross-media measurement model. They will be working with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Kantar Media and Nielsen to get it done. The Unilever cross-media measurement model will measure the impact of marketing campaigns across the advertising ecosystem. This measurement model will be a first of its kind.

Unilever to Develop Cross-Media Measurement Model

About Unilever’s Cross- Medial Measurement Model

The goal of the measurement model is to better measure who views digital campaigns. It will be measuring the reactions to the campaigns and their impact. The model will also measure the impact and lasting effects of the marketing initiative over a short, medium to long period of time. To tackle this very ambitious project, Unilever has brought in the Worlds Federation of Advertisers to help spearhead the project. The cross-media measurement model will be measuring the impact of campaigns on TV, digital media and social. Unilever wants to develop a model that will work with already existing measurement tools. They also want to develop a tool that can work across different markets while also prioritizing privacy concerns.

The new model will help to address the concerns that many advertisers have with tech companies and social media platforms. Many believe that we can’t solely trust the self-reporting results on the success of their platforms. With the Unilever model, they want to build a model which offers brands transparency. They plan to do this by assessing unduplicated reach and impact across publishers, platforms and screens.

Unilever’s Partner Speak on the Model

 Facebook’s VP of Global marketing Carolyn Everson spoke about the measurement model. She stated that it was very important for Facebook to get involved in the process of developing this model. She said the model will leverage independent third-party systems, protects privacy, and improve people’s experience with ads. Also speaking on the measurement model Mat Derella Twitter’s head of revenue operations also advocated for the tool. He stated that the model will help marketers better calculate their ROIs across different channels, including digital. Nielsen’s president of Media Megan Clarken also advocated for the model. She stated that having the cross-media measurement model is essential to driving monetization and growth. Clarken expressed her company’s joy in contributing to the model. She said that the company is proud to support the standardization and adoption of cross-media measurement.


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