Unilever Launches ‘Everyday Essentials’ Store on Jumia


Many multinational companies have begun to leverage the huge potential of e-commerce. They are using e-commerce to create more visibility for their brands. A lot of Nigerian brands are also jumping on this trend, Unilever is one of such brands. Unilever recently partnered with Jumia to launch its own store on the retailer’s online platform. The store is called the “Everyday Essentials Store”.

Unilever Launches ‘Everyday Essentials’ Store on Jumia

About Unilever’s Everyday Essentials Store on Jumia

Unilever’s everyday essentials store is Unilever’s dedicated and personal store on Jumia. The store sells some of the FMCG’s fastest selling brands. The everyday essentials store sells brands like Close-up Red Hot and Herbal lines, Knorr, Lifebuoy, Lux, Pepsodent, Sunlight, Vaseline, and Shea Moisture. To commemorate the launch of its everyday essentials store, the brand launched its newly acquired Shea Moisture line of personal care products on Jumia’s platform. Before the launch on the online platform, the Shea Moisture line was only sold offline.

In another effort to celebrate the launch of its online store on Jumia and the launch of its Shea Moisture line on Jumia’s platform. The brand also offered customers a 10% discount. The discount applied specifically to the Shea Moisture product line. Some of the products include Shea Butter Retention Shampoo, Beard Balm, Chamomile, Argan Baby Oil and Shea Butter Deep Treatment.

Jumia and Unilever Speak on the Everyday Essentials Store

The two brands released a joint statement to address the launch of the store. Steve Dakayi, the Head of Key Accounts and Brand Management at Jumia Nigeria spoke about the store. He described the development as a strategic opportunity for Jumia to increase the number of unique products listed on its platform. This will expand customers’ access to a wide variety of household products.

Iqbal Farrukh, the modern trade director at Unilever also spoke about the store. He spoke about how happy the brand is to be partnering with Jumia to make their products available to customers and consumer by leveraging on technology through e-commerce channels. According to Farrukh, this is line with the brand’s commitment to continuously seek innovative ways to make their products available and accessible to shoppers.


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