Uber Launches Uber Money


Uber recently announced a new offering that it will be adding to its service. This new offering is called Uber Money and it will be launching this year. The offering will also be made available for users in Nigeria this year.

Uber Launches Uber Money

What is Uber Money?

According to the ride-hailing app, Uber Money is a team within Uber working on financial products and technologies. These financial products and technologies are aimed at delivering additional value for the Uber community at Uber speed. Uber Money provides financial products that help users access, manage, and grow money, putting opportunities for users within reach.

New Features and Products Available with the New Offering

Here are the new features and products available courtesy of Uber Money.

Uber Debit Account & Uber Debit Card

This product is for drivers, it allows you access earnings after every trip. It allows you to grow your money with real-cash back. This product allows money earned on Uber go further, drivers can get cash back on gas starting at 3% and up to 6% for the highest tier of Uber Pro drivers.

Uber Cash

This product allows you to get more for your money when you plan ahead and prepay for rides, JUMP, and Uber Eats orders.

Uber Pay

This product lets partners integrate seamlessly with its platform.

Real-Time Earnings

This new feature lets drivers avoid waiting for weekly payments or cashing out through Instant Pay, drivers and couriers will have real-time access to their earnings after every trip through the Uber Debit account.

Uber Wallet

With Uber Wallet, earners and spenders will now be able to easily track their earning and spending history, manage and move their money, and discover new Uber financial products all in one place.

Uber Credit Card

This product is being launched in partnership with Barclays. Cardmembers will now receive 5% back in Uber Cash from spending across the Uber platform, including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, and JUMP bikes and scooters.



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