UBA Products and Services: Everything You Need to Know


The United Bank for Africa, UBA, is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. It is the third largest bank in the country Nigeria and one of the largest bank in Africa. UBA is a bank that offers a full range of banking products and services to their commercial, retails and potential users and customers.

UBA Products and Services: Everything You Need to Know
UBA Products and Services: Everything You Need to KnowBusi

Banking activities are gradually moving out of the banking halls and premises, with the banks and its users doing anything to make sure that these banking activities and financial transactions are easy, convenient and simple to access at all times and wherever you go.

UBA has gradually taken strategic steps by introducing various UBA Products and Services. These products and services help their customers enjoy the benefits and convenience of a smooth and easy banking experience.

As a bank striving to make sure their customers enjoy an easy banking experience. They have provided their customers with great chances when they carry out financial transactions and banking activities. They have designed products and services that help customers carry out transactions with ease. UBA has invested in digital banking products that are designed to help the customers access and use their bank accounts without stress.

The Benefits of UBA Products and Services

UBA, as a bank filled with great potential, has provided amazing products and services to serve customers and users, which give these users a hassle-free experience. These products and services are accompanied with a lot of benefits. I can understand how eager you must be right now to see the benefits that await you. Let us get started.

  1. Provides an easy and convenient banking experience for you and your business or personal needs.
  2. Full-time access to online internet banking and mobile banking via your smart mobile phone or computer from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you go.
  3. Provides full-time access to your money and bank account, even without visiting the bank.
  4. There are no added charges or cost.
  5. Provides fast and easy banking services and financial transactions within or outside the banking hall.
  6. It is stress-free and lots more.

List of UBA Products and Services

  1. Internet and mobile banking – this service allows users and customers to gain access to their funds and bank account through the use of their mobile phones or computer systems. It is accessible through ubadirect.com. With this service, you can:
  • Manage and gain access to your funds and bank account
  • Carry out banking activities and financial transactions
  • Transfer and send funds to others
  • Make payment of bills and subscriptions
  • Recharge your mobile line and lots more
  1. UBA Debit Card – this card is designed for users and customers to withdraw money from the ATM and POS machine, in order to save them from the stress of going into bank halls.
  2. HRIS – this is a Human Resource, payroll process system and the salary administration system created in order to create values for stakeholders present in the salary administration chain.
  3. E-mail and SMS alerts – this allows customers to get notifications and alerts on transactions and activities carried out in their bank account.
  4. Leo – this is a chat banking personnel, available on the Facebook messenger chat platform, which helps you carry out easy banking activities. With the chat banking personnel, Leo, you can open bank accounts access your bank accounts and so much more.
  5. Mobile money transfers – send and transfer money to others right from your mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.
  6. WhatsApp banking.
  7. Shoppers mail.
  8. Cardless banking.
  9. Magic banking and so much more.

You could kindly visit any UBA Branch for more details on the UBA Products and Services.


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