UBA Debit Cards: A Guide on Everything You Need to Know


Your UBA Debit Cards give you full-time electronic access to your current or savings accounts available on the UBA platform. The UBA Debit Cards allow you withdraw cash, pay bills, make purchases and so much more. These funds engaged in these transactions listed above are instantly debited and transferred from the bank account of the card owner. This articles will give you information on some important facts about the UBA debit card.

UBA Products and Services: Everything You Need to Know
UBA Products and Services: Everything You Need to Know

Features of UBA Debit Card

  1. It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all transactions to be made on ATMs and POS machines.
  2. Send and transfer money instantly from card owner’s account to other bank accounts in UBA or any other bank in Nigeria.
  3. It is open and valid for use for about 5 years right from the month it was issued to the user.
  4. The card is linked to the cardowner’s bank account and account name.
  5. The expiry date for the card is boldly printed on the card, which shows the last day of validity for the card.
  6. Zero card loss liability.
  7. Convenience.
  8. Safe and secure
  9. It is used as a shopping card.
  10.  Roam your cash.
  11.  Access your money anywhere you go using your Debitcard.

Available UBA Debit Cards

  1. Debit MasterCard
  2. Gold MasterCard debit card
  3. UBA gold debit MasterCard for domiciliary account
  4. Visa classic debit card
  5. Visa dual currency (DCDC) debit card
  6. Verve debit card
  7. UBA world MasterCard
  8. UBA platinum MasterCard

How to Get UBA Debit Cards

Go to any UBA bank or the UBA branch you opened your account and request for an ATM card. You will be given a short form to fill with your details and when your card is ready, it will be issued to you.

How to Activate New UBA Debit Cards

 Open the envelope with which the ATM card was issued to you. Open the new activation code. Insert the new UBA Debit Card into the ATM and enter the new activation code.

Click on the“change pin” button and type in your own 4-digit password, which you want to keep using. Click on “proceed” and you will receive a confirmation message telling you that your pin has been successfully changed.

Note: in some branches, the verification staff helps you change the pin so there is no need for you to change it at the ATM, you can just get started with your card. But if the verification staff does not help you change it, then you have to follow the procedures above.

The Cost of UBA Debit Cards

Whether you want to apply for the first time or you want to replace a lost or expired card, the cost is 1,000 naira.

Fees on UBA debit cards

  • Applying for a new card – 1,000 naira
  • Replacement of lost car, expired or damaged card – 1,000 naira
  • Annual  service fee – 100 naira
  • Cash withdrawal transactions on ATMs at UBA branches – free
  • Cash withdrawal transactions on other ATMs abroad – 240 naira per withdrawal
  • Purchases made on POS and local websites in Nigeria – free
  • Purchases made on foreign websites – free


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