Twitter’s Hides Replies Feature: Twitter to Launch New Feature to Help Tackle Abusive Tweets


Twitter recently just announced that it will be launching a Hides Replies feature to help tackle abusive tweets. Apart from Twitter’s Hides Replies feature, the platform also announced other measures it will be taking to help tackle abusive tweets. According to the platform, they have switched from a passive to a more proactive approach to dealing with abusive tweets on their platform. This proactive approach involves Twitter’s hides replies feature and deleting tweets they have deemed to be abusive.

Twitter’s Hides Replies Feature: Twitter to Launch New Feature to Help Tackle Abusive Tweets

Twitter Tackles Abusive Tweets

According to the social media platform as part of their plan to tackle abusive tweets, they will stop relying solely on users to report abusive tweets. Using new algorithms and tools, Twitter would start to weed out abusive tweets and delete them. They stated that these new algorithm and tools have enabled them to intercept an estimated 38% of all abusive tweets. They have taken these abusive tweets down, the 38% is an improvement for the platform seeing as a year ago they were majorly reliant on user’s tip-offs.

The new algorithm and tool have also helped the platform catch over 100,000 accounts which were created by users who were previously suspended. They were able to catch these 100,000 accounts between January and March. The increase is a 45% improvement from the previous year. All these changes have led to a 16% fall in abuse reports following an interaction with an account not followed by the complainant.

Twitter’s Hides Replies Feature

The platform has announced Twitter Hides Replies feature, this feature is the platforms way of silencing abusers and harassers. According to the social media platform, Twitter’s Hides Replies feature will be released in June and the feature will be an experiment. This means that they can still make changes or totally remove the feature. Twitter’s Hides Replies feature will allow people to hide replies to their tweets at their own discretion. Anyone who initiates a conversation can hide any objectable comments replying to the original tweet. To see the tweets, readers will have to tap on the hidden tweet to reveal it.

With Twitter’s hides replies feature, Twitter believes that it would encourage people to present their thoughts and opinions in a more polite and less abusive fashion. They believe it will shift the balance of power back to the poster without overcorrection.


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