Twitter’s Best Brand Tweets of 2019


Twitter recently released its 2019 best brand tweets. For this year’s edition of Twitter’s best brand tweets, the social media platform focused on the best creative launches. Theor focus on creative launches for their best brand tweets list for 2019 can be attributed to a survey they did earlier this year. They teamed up with management consulting firm Bain & Company on a survey of 650 marketing executives The survey revealed that launch leaders-  the top 15% of respondents who reported financially successful launches were 2.3 times more likely to unveil their products or services on Twitter.

This year’s best brand tweets were chosen by the Twitter Next brand strategy team and the Twitter ArtHouse brand destination for creator management, video editing, and live broadcasting. “The predominant theme we saw in most successful campaigns was some type of launch initiative,” said Alex Josephson, global head of Twitter Next. “The primary reason why brands are coming to Twitter and the instances where they’re most successful is when they’re launching something new. Different platforms are used for different reasons.”


Twitter’s Best Brand Tweets of 2019 

Best Brand Launch: Disney+

Josephson said his team at Twitter Next looked for brands and agencies that started conversations, and Disney did so with a 600-plus tweet thread in October touting all of the content available via the Disney+ streaming service, which debuted in November.

Best Product Launch: Popsicle

Who says big companies don’t listen to their customers? Popsicle sent a tweet on July 16 saying that it would bring back its Double Pops if it reached 100,000 retweets in seven days—the tactic worked like a charm.

Josephson noted that the campaign resulted in 1,000 times more mentions of Double Pops in July compared with June, and the sentiment was 99.9% positive, with 140 media placements resulting from the initiative.

Best Use of Livestreaming: 2K Games

When 2K Games releases a new sports title, Josephson said the conversation about player ratings heats up Twitter, outpacing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat combined.

The game developer hosted a livestream in July with some of its player raters, as well as Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis, to pump up September’s release of NBA 2K20.

Josephson said the livestream trended No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 globally, beating out the premiere of the new season of The Bachelorette.

Best Pre-launch Tease: Epic Games

Completely disappearing from the grid may not seem like an optimal way to promote a new release, but it worked for Epic Games when it rolled out Fortnite Chapter 2 in October.

The developer intentionally crashed its best-known title Oct. 13 and, on Twitter, it hid all of the @FortniteGame account’s 12,000 or so tweets and livestreamed a black hole—for 48 hours.

Josephson said the 48-hour livestream of nothing tallied 12.8 million unique viewers, with a total of 58 million minutes “watched.”

Best Digital-to-Physical Activation: DiGiorno

When the idea of going against the most iconic slogan in frozen foods—“It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.”—was first brought up, people were “confused and upset,” Josephson said.

However, in a nice turnaround story, after this National Pizza Month tweet, DiGiorno ended up delivering 1,100 pizzas in five cities, receiving extensive media coverage and conversation that ended up being 78% positive.

Best Way to Fuel Fans: HBO, Game of Thrones

This lateFebruary tweet to stoke the fires for the final season of HBO’s hit drama, which debuted April 14, saw HBO rack up one-third of a year’s worth of total conversation in just 24 hours.

Josephson called it a “public way to unlock character-based content leading up to the show premiere.”

Best Purpose-Driven Launch: Subaru

Subaru let the dogs out on Twitter in October with this Oct. 8 tweet building up National #MakeADogsDay on Oct. 22.

Josephson pointed out that two-thirds of people on Twitter own pets, and 78% of those pet owners have tweeted pictures of their furry friends.

He called Subaru’s campaign an interesting use of creators, in partnership with the team at Twitter ArtHouse.

Best Connection to Culture: Audi

The carmaker introduced its first-ever electric sport-utility vehicle, the E-tron GT, during Super Bowl LII, resulting in the most-viewed auto spot during the Big Game.

The automaker used Twitter to “embrace the tease aspect of launch strategy,” Josephson said, prompting awareness of the E-tron GT prior to its Super Bowl ad.

Best Brand Voice: The Ritas

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s The Ritas “really embody what it means to humanize a brand voice and engage with fans,” Josephson said, adding that the playful tone helped distinguish the cocktail in a can from other marketers on its platform.

Fans also succeeded in using Twitter to convince the beverage giant to bring back its CranBerRita flavor in September.

Best #OnlyOnTwitter launch: Wendy’s

Chance the Rapper talked, and Wendy’s listened.

The fast-food chain brought back its spicy chicken nuggets after this tweet topped 2 million likes, which happened within 48 hours.

Wendy’s nuggets and Twitter have a history: In April 2017, Carter Wilkerson tweeted the brand to ask how many retweets he needed for a year’s supply.

Although #NuggsForCarter fell well short of its goal of 18 million retweets, tallying over 3.4 million, Wilkerson got his nuggets, along with a $100,000 donation in his name to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Best Use of Creators: BlackRock

BlackRock found a way to take the complicated and not-very-sexy topics of personal finance and investing and get people on Twitter to pay attention, with the help of the right creators.

The company promoted its Global Investor Pulse survey with content designed specifically for Twitter, and the campaign drove a 25% lift in awareness among people who engaged with it.

“We chose this campaign because BlackRock intelligently partnered with creators on the platform to talk about their own thoughts on saving, investing and wealth,” Josephson said.

Best Short-Form Video: Dunkin’

The chain said goodbye to doughnuts (from its name, anyway) and hello to healthier eating options with this campaign, which was designed for mobile and built for the Twitter timeline and feed-oriented environment. Josephson said videos that are optimized for Twitter generate 19% higher unaided recall than those not optimized for its platform.

Source: Ad Week


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