Twitter vs Facebook: Which is Better for Your Brand


A big part of any marketing strategy is your social media strategy. Social media is a great place to grow your brand and business. Social media gives your brand access to a wide range of people from different demographics. Developing a social media strategy is a very tasking process, and deciding on which platforms to use is part of what makes the process so tasking. Twitter and Facebook are the two top platforms for social media marketing. They are both very versatile, innovative and give you access to a wide range of audiences. Today will be looking at Twitter vs Facebook to determine which of these two platforms is better for your brand.

Twitter vs Facebook: Which is Better for Your Brand

Twitter vs Facebook: Purpose

Before we start to examine which of the two platforms is better for your brand, let’s first find out why most people use these two platforms? Understanding why and how users use these two platforms will give you some insight into the type of audience you will find on the platforms and what they will be looking for when they use the platform. Twitter is a platform where users use to share ideas, news and real-time information. It is a very trendy platform and users go there to find out what is happening and what the latest trends are. Facebook’s users use this platform to connect with family and friends.

Twitter vs Facebook: Demographic

So now we know why people use the platforms, let’s look at the potential demographic your brand can reach on the two platforms. Facebook appeals to multiple demographics, especially with the older generation. According to stats, 65% of users on this platform are between 50 and up. Twitter doesn’t have the wide range appeal Facebook has with only 23%of U. S adults using the platform. But Twitter is very popular among the younger generation, with 40% of Twitter users being between the ages of 18 to 29 and only 20% of users being 50 and over. So if you brand’s target demographic falls between 18 to 29, then Twitter is a good place to advertise, but if your brand is targeted at an older demographic then Facebook is the platform for you.

Twitter vs Facebook: Engagement

In social media marketing, engagements is a very important factor. According to stats, for every one million Twitter followers, brands can expect about 300 interactions while for Facebook they can expect to get about 700 interactions. Twitter is very fast paced when compared to Facebook, so on Twitter, brands have to ensure that they are constantly posting and talking about relevant topics to drive engagements. With Facebook, brands have more time to make an impact on their audience.  Facebook is also more addictive than Twitter according to stats. Users log into Facebook an average of 8 times a day while users log into Twitter an average of 5 times. Considering the fact that Facebook is more addictive than Twitter and it gives you more time to make an impact on your audience. It makes sense to focus more on Facebook than Twitter especially when you are trying to drive engagements.

Twitter Ads vs Facebook: Ads

Facebook, when compared to Twitter, gives you a higher reach when advertising. Advertising with Facebook is also great because it comes with great targeting tools and is relatively cheap when compared to Twitter. Twitter is also a great place to advertise because it also gives you great targeting tools. But it is more expensive but according to AdWeek, engagement rates for Twitter ads are higher than Facebook. For Twitter, the engagements rates range between 1-3%while Facebook had an average of CTR 0.119%. Another thing to note is that because of the popularity of Facebook, the market on the platform is more competitive and saturated.  So brands have to worker harder to catch the attention of the users, unlike Twitter whose market is way less competitive.

Conclusion: Twitter vs Facebook

At the end of the day, you will have to decide what is best for your brand.  It all depends on the type of product you are marketing and the aim of the campaign you are running. If you are marketing a product for people who would like to stay ahead of the curve, then Twitter is a great place for you. If the product you are advertising is for an older demographic then Facebook is a good place for you. Ultimately it all depends on your brand and its goals. Some brands use the two platforms but use them for different types of promotions.

As an entrepreneur which platform do you think is better and why? Please share your thoughts below.


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