Twitter Turned Real Tweets into Ads


Most social media platforms have changed and morphed into new and different things over the years. It’s like a rite of passage for every social media platform. Some of have become better, some have gotten worse and some are just different. The only social media platforms which have stayed the same in a lot of ways are Twitter and Instagram. Twitter most especially has been able to position itself as the place where people go to party. On the platform, users can let down their hair and share their unfiltered views on any and every topic. The platform is very unique and stands out from other platforms because it allows users to express themselves in a very unfiltered way.

Twitter Turned Real Tweets into Ads

Twitter is very aware of these facts and has decided to celebrate its uniqueness and individuality in its new campaign. The new campaign is a very self-aware OOH campaign, the campaign shows the double lives of users’ social media habits. The social media platform basically turned real Tweets into ads. It is called ‘Me on Twitter’.

About Twitter’s “Me on Twitter” Campaign

The campaign is very simple and is comprised of 31 tweets, there’s no superfluous branding. The simple campaign just shows how people use the platform versus other platforms. It popped up across six subway stations in New York and San Francisco, with a total of 128 placements in the two cities. The tweets are very entertaining and we get a glimpse into how different users are on competing platforms.

Twitter Turned Real Tweets into Ads

In one example, comedian Sarah Cooper shared how a highly-styled horse (representing Instagram) compares to a donkey (Twitter). Another user showed how she presents herself on Twitter (a denim jacket tossed over her head) versus LinkedIn (professional). The social media platform didn’t just use tweets with images for the campaign. They also included several copy driven content.

More Details about the Campaign

As part of the campaign, the social media platform also unfollowed everyone (including the company’s founder, Jack Dorsey). They then began to follow the people highlighted in the campaign.

Twitter Turned Real Tweets into Ads


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