Twitter Rolls Out Its Redesign to Its Camera Feature


About a month ago, TechCrunch announced that Twitter plans to redesign its camera feature and that it will be rolling it out soon. Well, the newly redesigned Twitter camera feature has been launched, it is currently being rolled out. The newly redesigned camera was made available yesterday, with it, users can capture photos, videos and live footage and connect them to global conversations.

How the Twitter Redesigned Camera Feature Works

To use the Twitter redesigned camera feature, users simply need to swipe left from their Twitter timeline. The Twitter redesigned camera currently doesn’t allow users to upload pictures. When a user captures their media, the feature allows them to overlay a location, hashtag or some words on a coloured label. The feature allows users to show media in a larger, more immersive format in the feed. The imagery will appear before the text in your tweet. The camera has a Snapchat style camera shutter button that records photos with a tap and can loop videos up to 2 minutes when you hold it for lone.

There’s a mini-swipe over, you can record video or audio-only live broadcasts without any Periscope branding.  The camera also recommends hashtags based on big nearby events and other signals. You can still decide to add your own hashtags, locations and text. Users can also choose between six colours for the TV news-style chyron those tags on overlayed on that help Twitter route the content into the imagery carousels for its different What’s Happening sections.  The redesigned camera currently doesn’t have any stickers, light enhancements, filter or any other creative tools.

Twitter’s Plans for the Camera

They don’t plan to launch Stories like Instagram, it aims to be a more real-time lens on the world. According to reports from Tech Crunch, they don’t plan to give the tweets created with the camera an algorithmic boost on the main timeline. They did state that they may highlight it on its Whats Happening section.


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