Twitter Desktop Website: Twitter Redesigns Its Desktop Website


Twitter recently brought its desktop users up to speed with a streamlined redesign. The Twitter Desktop Website has been redesigned for the first time in the past seven years. It was given a spit and polish, which promises to streamline the user experience. The new Twitter desktop website also promises to provide a greater degree of personalization just like the Twitter mobile app.

Twitter Desktop Website: Twitter Redesigns Its Desktop Website

Why Twitter Gave its Twitter Desktop Website a Redesign

Many people are wondering why Twitter decided to redesign its Twitter Desktop website after seven years. According to the social media platform when speaking about why they decided to redesign the website platform. The decision was sparked by a desire to better marry the desktop experience with that of other devices. They wanted to do this while also making the process of sending, finding and reading tweets ‘just a bit more fun’.

More on Twitter Giving its Desktop Website a New Design

The redesign of the website is a product of an exhaustive testing regime which drew from a ton of responses from Twitter users. Some of the changes include carrying over the Explore tool from its apps to make finding content easier. This will offer easier access to favourite features. Other changes involve bringing direct messages together in one location, an improved login interface for switching between accounts and more ways to personalize the Twitter experience with different themes.

Twitter Speaks on the Redesign

Twitter announced the redesign in a blog post. They stated that “Today is a big step as we continue building Twitter to best serve the people who use it every day. This update also gives us a much stronger foundation to build on so we can continue to bring you updated features faster than before”. They also stated that they are looking forward to hearing what their users think about the new redesign. They then employed users to take it for a spin.


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