Twitter Conversational Features: Twitter to Roll Updates to Select Users


Twitter announced last year that it would be rolling out conversational features to help promote conversational health on Twitter. They want to reshape how conversations look and feels on their social media platform. These Twitter conversational features were designed to encourage people to talk to each other. At CES 2019, Twitter announced that it will be testing the program in the coming weeks.

Twitter Conversational Features: Twitter to Roll Updates to Select Users

About the Testing Program

This will be a beta program and only a select few of users will get the opportunity to test out these Twitter conversational features. Anyone can apply to be a part of this beta program but only a few thousand users will be chosen. If a user is chosen, the user will get the opportunity to test out the features and Twitter will ask for feedback. Based on the feedback Twitter to determine what works and what doesn’t before rolling out the Twitter conversational features. Users that participate in this Beta program can share what they are seeing openly on their timeline. They will also try out different variations of the features.

The Twitter Conversational Features Twitter will be Rolling Out

  • One of the first Twitter conversational features Twitter will be rolling out is a Facebook-like presence indicator. The indicator will display when users are online. Twitter believes that it will help conversational health because it will be easier to start a conversation with someone who is actively using the social network. It is unknown which variation of this feature they will release. But it is said it may be a Slack like-status option which lets you include your current status beneath your username.
  • Another one of the Twitter conversational features that will be rolled out is the “Ice breakers” features. The feature will allow users to only reply to spark conversations with other users.  Depending on the version the will release, user may be allowed to pin these “ice breakers” to their profile as a built in conversation starter.
  • Threaded replies will be another Twitter conversational feature that will be available. This feature will allow users to reply to individual tweets within a thread rather than the whole thread itself.  It will make it easy to differentiate responses from the noise of other tweet in a thread.


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