TVC Communications Unveils Its Brand Identity


TVC Communications just recently unveiled a new brand identity. The change would affect the brands family entertainment channel TVC.

TVC Communications Unveils Its Brand Identity

Why did TVC Communications Change Its Brand Identity?

According to a statement from the communications Execs, the decision to change the brand identity came after an extensive market research. For the market research, their audience and advertisers were asked about their views on the TVC brand. The research showed people felt that the brand was old-fashioned, dull and was unreflective of a modern and young Nigeria. After the review of the negative terms associated with the brand, TVC Communication Execs decided to reposition the brand. The new brand image will be portraying a more youthful and modern image.

According to a statement from the Chief Executive Officer of TVC Communications Andrew Hanlon, the new brand identity is reflective of all the key elements identified in the research. He explained that TVC used some of Nigeria’s most talented graphic designers to create TVC’s new look.

He goes further to explain that TVC’s new brand image will reflect and focus on their core audience of 15 to 39. They will be creating content that will appeal to this new age range. The brand will focus on content that celebrates the richness, diversity and ethnicity of Nigeria and its people.  Andrew Hanlon described TVC TV’s new target group as young and modern, ambitious, bright, international in their outlook, yet very much Nigerian and fiercely proud of it.

TVC TV’s new repositioning statement is “Pure Entertainment” and every content will reflect this new tagline. In a bid to promote its new tagline, TVC will be showing popular Nigerian icons explaining what pure entertainment means to them. Many would say that the brands’ new identity is a welcome change. Many are excited to see how TVC TV plans to make this new TVC a reality.

About TVC Communications

TVC Communications is a leading independently owned and operated media organization. They own TV and radio stations. Their radio stations and TV stations include Max FM, Adaba FM, TVC, and TVC News. It was founded in 2007 and its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.

About TVC

TVC is one of Nigeria’s leading television stations. Boasting almost four million viewers per day, it is a general entertainment channel aimed at 15 to 34-year-olds. It produces award-winning, market-leading domestic and international programming.


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