Turkish Airlines Unveils New Brand Identity


Turkish Airlines recently unveiled its new identity. The new brand identity for Turkish Airlines coincides with the airline’s 85th anniversary and also the full-service launch of the new Istanbul Airport. The Istanbul Airport is Turkish Airline’s new hub and will be the single largest infrastructure project in Turkey’s history. The new brand identity for the airline was created by the brand’s global experience agency Imagination.

Turkish Airlines Unveils New Brand Identity

 About Turkish Airline’s New Brand Identity

Turkish Airline’s new brand identity was created and designed by their global partner Imagination. Imagination was appointed a global partner following a competitive six-way pitch in 2018.  For the Airline’s re-brand, Imagination decided to bring the brand’s values to life throughout the customer’s journey. The new brand identity establishes an experience identity called flow. It aims to tap into the energy and culture of the country Turkey. Turkish Airlines new brand identity was created to represent the Airlines travel Philosophy.  It embodies a customer experience that is effortless, seamless and uplifting.

The new brand identity and the values behind it have been applied to all of the airline’s touch points. The new brand identity will be applied to the new logo, to the airlines Istanbul airport lounge, above the line content and in-flight interiors. As the brand transitions into the next phase of growth and its brand identity, Imagination will continue to support and assist the airline

Turkish Airline and Imagination on the Airlines New Brand Identity

The Airlines SVP of corporate communications Seda Kalyoncu spoke about the re-brand. He commended their global partner Imagination. Stating that they bring a unique perspective and track record of building powerful brands which connect both on an emotional and rational level. He expressed the airline’s excitement to be partnering with Imagination on the next stage of their very ambitious global growth and expansion plan.

Imaginations CEO Patrick Reid also commented about the Airlines rebrand. He explained how much of an honour it was for his agency to be appointed the Global experience identity partner of the great airline. He then spoke about his agency’s brief to the airline, how they looked at both their heritage and ambitious future plans. Reid stated how they truly believe in the power of experience and how it can transform behaviour. He explained how his agency hopes to impress long-standing customers and new Travelers with what they came up with.


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