Tripadvisor Appoints Havas Media as Global Media Agency


Travel platform TripAdvisor recently rounded up a global media review. After the global media review, the travel platform has appointed Havas Media as its global media buying agency of record. It is unclear which other agencies participated in the global media review but Havas Media came out on top. The travelling platform is also currently holding a creative agency review in concurrence with the media one.

Tripadvisor Appoints Havas Media as Global Media Agency

Tripadvisor Appoints Havas Media as Global Media Agency

Before the review, Havas Edge handled Tripadvisor’s US media work while All Response Media handled the platform’s UK media work. Now the platform has appointed Havas Media as the global media agency of record. The partnership will utilize Havas’ position within Vivendi, to access talent at the likes of Universal Music Group. This model is very similar to a mode that Puma embraced.

The partnership between the two brands and Vivendi will help Tripadvisor better engage new audiences of increasingly mobile and millennial travellers. They will do this by leaning on integrated sponsorship experiences, content offerings and membership opportunities. Havas Media’s United States arm will lead all the work for the travelling platform. Havas Media’s United states arm will manage campaigns across North America and other international markets.

TripAdvisor Speaks on the Appointment

Lindsay Nelson, president of the core experience for TripAdvisor spoke about the appointment. She talked about how the brand has consistently served the needs of the global community for 20 years. Nelson stated the future of the brand will be a personalized and digitally-minded platform that is relevant to a new generation of travellers.

Nelson stated that the partnership with the creative agency will see them deepen their relationship with their existing members. While doing this, they will also tell their brand story to a younger generation of travellers looking for that unique and amazing travel or dining experience that they won’t discover anywhere else.

Havas Media Speaks on the Appointment

Peter Mears, global chief executive of Havas Media Group also spoke about the appointment. He expressed the agency’s excitement to have been named TripAdvisor’s media agency-of-record at such an exciting time for the organization.

He talked about how having the opportunity to demonstrate not only the skills within the agency to build more meaningful brands but to do that in combination with the power of Vivendi with music, gaming, publishing and live experiences is a testament to the uniqueness of their position in the market.


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