Traffic Jam Whopper Campaign: Burger King is Now Delivering Whoppers to Your Car When You’re Stuck in Traffic


Burger King seems to be working extra hard lately, the fast food brand has released a number of campaigns recently. From the brand’s controversial Real Meals campaign,  the evil clown campaign and now the brand has launched another campaign. In Mexico City, the brand launched a new campaign called ‘Traffic Jam Whopper.’ The Traffic Jam Whopper campaign and service delivers Whoppers right to your car door when you’re stuck in traffic.

Traffic Jam Whopper Campaign: Burger King is Now Delivering Whoppers to Your Car When You're Stuck in Traffic

How the Traffic Jam Whopper Campaign/ Service Works

The Traffic Jam Whopper Campaign/ service delivers food to consumers in the heaviest gridlock areas. They do this while the consumer is still on the wheel. Burger King uses real-time traffic data to find areas with heavily congested traffic. Waze banners ads and digital billboards will then alert driver’s that the delivery service is available to them. The Waze banners and digital ads also let the drivers know how much time they have left to order before the traffic clears up through the Burger King app.

The delivery range changes depending on where the traffic is and it’s always within a three-kilometre radius of a Burger King restaurant. Users who are worried about being arrested by the cops for texting while driving need not to worry. They can also use voice commands to place their orders. Burger King also updates its customers to let them know when the food is coming.

More Details about Traffic Jam Whopper

The campaign was created by the We Believers agency. According to the brand, since the launch of the service delivery orders have increased by 63% and the campaign has only run for a week. They also reported a higher number of Burger King App downloads, it increased by 44 times. Currently, the service is only available in Mexico City. But the brand plans to expand it to Los Angeles, Sao, Paulo and Shanghai.


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