Top 8 Websites to Create Infographics for Free


Infographics have become a staple for communication, they are a great way to manage a large volume of information. They make it easy for viewers to understand huge chunks of information. When properly designed infographic tells stories in a captivating, exciting manner, without boring the reader. On this post, we will be revealing the top 8 websites to create infographics for free.

Top 8 Websites to Create Infographics for Free

Top 8 Websites to Create Infographics for Free

This is a powerful and useful platform that features spectacular Interface, tons of graphics, and several free tools. With the free plan, you can make a wide variety of infographics, seeing as they offer a lot of templates. The website’s free infographic maker contains 41 unique charts, 25 icons, along with 7 general shapes.


Canva is another great website to create infographics for free.  Its infographic maker comes with a long list of free features and is extremely user-friendly. The website provides greeting messages & instructional pop-ups for every step of infographic creation. They provide 53 free templates across a variety of industries, including Business, Education, Charity, including Chronological & Processes options.


Piktochart is one of the top 10 websites to create infographics for free.  It has a wide range of core features, which include a simplified Interface and unlimited Maps in the free version. It offers 12 free awesome templates and there are 14 customizable charts.  Along


This is another great website, it has many free templates. There are 28 free charts along with countless icon charts as well as photos.


Visme is one of the top 10 websites to create infographics for free.  It has different innovative infographic tools and quick interface. There are a ton of templates and huge infographic sizes on the website. It allows you to add many blocks to your infographics and fill them with forms & charts, which can be imported from the free content database.

This website has a very intuitive software. For free users are given 25 photos, 10 free charts, and 10 fonts to include in their infographic.


PickMonkey is another powerful infographic maker that features Advanced Infographic Builder and Tutorials. On this platform, there are several templates, logos, text as well as colour options. You’re equally allowed to upload your own content. The site offers tons of tutorials and example videos.


Snappa has 48 free infographic templates, different trendy charts & forms, along with many customizable options.  All these are responsive and straightforward to use, coupled with several educational videos to further help you understand how to use the site.

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