Tom Hiddleston’s Centrum Ad Divides Chinese and Western Opinions


A recent ad by Centrum Vitamins which stars Tom Hiddleston has split Chinese and Western opinions. The ad which casts Tom Hiddleston as a caring but busy husband is a hit on Chinese social media. The ad doesn’t have the same effect on its Western viewers, many Westerns have tagged the ad creepy. Centrum ad with Tom Hiddleston is a great example of how cultural preferences can divide opinions in different markets.

About the Tom Hiddleston Spot for Centrum Vitamins

The spot stars Tom Hiddleston and the spot is presented in a vertical format. This already makes the spot ready for the Chinese market. In the spot, Tom Hiddleston is cast as a kind and caring husband. He surprises his wife (which is the viewer) with a healthy breakfast of eggs and pepper on the top. He accompanies the breakfast with Centrum. In the ad, he apologies to his wife (the viewers) for being busy over the few weeks. He also tells his wife that she looks beautiful. The ad was released on his official Weibo account. He also shared a direct link to the Vitamins e-commerce store on

Video of Tom Hiddleston’s Spot for Centrum

How the Chinese and Westerns React to the Spot

According to reports, the spot has been a huge hit with its Chinese viewers. Reports say that they have been buying Centrum for the first time. Many attribute this increase in sales to the ad. Despite how successfully the ad has been in the Chinese market, the Western market hasn’t been as responsive to the spot. Many have called the spot “weird” and “creepy”. They complain about how Tom Hiddleston speaks too slowly in the ad.

Reasons Why the Spot was Successful in the Chinese Market

Many have attributed the success of the spot in the Chinese Market to the following reasons:

  1. It is Vertical: The way the spot was released fits into the habits of China’s mobile-savvy consumers.
  2. Health Trends: There has been a recent growing trend around health in China. Many attribute the growing trend to why consumers have been purchasing the product.
  3. The husband cooks: The way Tom Hiddleston is portrayed in the ad is exactly kind of romantic lead that’s commonly seen in the Asian Media. The Asian market has a preference for sweet and tender male leads.
  4. His Success in China from the Marvel films.



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