To Attract Millennials, BBC News Launches Worklife


By 2020, a majority of the global workforce will be millennials or Genz. Armed with this stats, BBC New has decided to launch a new platform to help attract millennials. The platform is called Worklife and it will focus on ambitious and intellectually curious young professionals, living at a time of historic political, economic, and environmental changes, as well as technological and social progress.

To Attract Millennials, BBC News Launches Worklife

About Worklife

Worklife( for work-life balance) is a digital home for coverage on the personal and professional lives of the millennial workforce. It will tackle themes like burnout, financial stability and pay transparency. Worklife will be the first BBC feature site to be created in a progressive web app (PWA) format. It will feature mobile-first design elements, faster loading times, offline read capability, improved ad layout and more. The platform boasts an overall look and feels that’s “fresh and modern. The launch is sponsored by Merrill. Worklife will help ambitious professionals understand their new world, and help them get the tools they need to thrive.

Some of the launch content includes Worklife 101, this will feature 101 people, ideas and things redefining working lives. The segment will also explore certain trends and themes in depth. Another segment will be the Generation Project. This is a three-month series examining the complicated ways generations are interacting in the workforce and beyond. The platform will also have special region-specific series and themes. It will start by lifting the lid on Scandinavian work-life balance before exploring other regions later this year and into next year. Some of the upcoming pieces will tackle issues like pay transparency and the working people obsessed with retiring early.

BBC Speaks on the Platform

Tim Wastney, svp of sales for global news at the BBC spoke about the new platform. He talked about why the shift is important, particularly in mobile. He talked about how the changes were all in service of delivering content far more quickly. It will also bring an enhanced ad experience.


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