Tinder Debuts Swipe Night, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Series


Tinder’s Swipe Night is finally here after a lot of hype. The Tinder Swipe Night is an interactive digital experience that will greet users every Sunday night this month when they open the dating app. It is designed like a post-apocalyptic choose your own adventure series.

Tinder Debuts Swipe Night, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Series

How does it Work?

For users who are interested in participating in the series, this is how it works. Users who opt to participate in the series will join and it will quickly devolve into apocalyptic chaos.  Users will be asked to make a number of choices that will determine what will happen next. They can make their choices by using the app’s swipe feature. The users will only be given seven seconds to make each decision. Some of the choices will be soft simple choices while others will be veer into the moral territory. For example, users are asked to decide whether to help or ignore an injured man lying on the sidewalk.

The different instalments of the series are each roughly five minutes long. It features a group of friends played by Angela Wong Carbone, Jordan Christian Hearn and Shea Vaughan-Gabor. Swipe Night will be released each Sunday between 6 p.m. and midnight.

About Swipe Night

According to the dating app, after each installments, user can choose to display three of the choices they made in their profile. These users will then be matched with others who also interacted with the experience. According to Tinder, this was created to serve as a conversation starter for its users.

Swipe Night was created with the creative agency 72 and Sunny. It was directed by Karena Evans, the 23-year-old director behind the Drake’s God plans music video. Delaney from Netflix’s Big Mouth also helped write the script.

It is targeted at the dating apps younger users which are between the ages of 18 to 25.  According to the app, the demographic makes up half of its user base. The series was also created to make it easier for single people to connect. Their hope is that it will result in a higher match rate and start more conversations on the app.

Tinder Speaks on the Series

Jenny Campbell, chief marketing officer at Tinder spoke about the series. She stated that sometimes it’s hard to break the ice on the app. But with Swipe night, because you have gone through this shared experience, you have so much more to talk about.


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