This Ikea Ad about the Bond between 2 Dogs Is Powerfully Moving


Hope you have a box of tissues nearby because Ikea’s latest ad is powerfully moving. The ad will bring down the waterworks and have you grabbing for a box of tissues. Ikea Greece recently released a new ad about the bond between 2 dogs. The spot is one of the most emotional ads we have seen lately.

This Ikea Ad about the Bond between 2 Dogs Is Powerfully Moving

This Ikea Ad about the Bond between 2 Dogs Is Powerfully Moving

Ogilvy Greece created this tear-jerking ad for Ikea Greece.  The ad, which is just 90 seconds manages to tell a powerful story that would take you through an emotional rollercoaster. If you are a dog lover then this ad would have you wailing. The ad tells the story of a dog who’s adopted by a loving family. That’s great right? Well, the catch is that he has to leave his best friend behind.  We see the dog try to adjust to its new home without his best friend. We also see his best friend try to adjust to life without him. The whole story plays out in a very emotional and tear-jerking way.

The soundtrack of the ad is “(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story,” originally featured as an instrumental for the 1970 movie Love Story and recorded with lyrics shortly after by Andy Williams. According to Ogilvy Greece, they plan to continue to run the campaign over the coming months. They plan to show other scenarios in which an Ikea-furnished home is the setting for unexpected experiences.


Ogilvy Speaks about the Campaign

According to the agency, audiences in Greece have responded quickly and passionately to the ad.  The agency stated that from the very first hours of the campaign, they received a lot of positive reviews on social media. They stated the positive reception was overwhelming. Ogilvy stated that people are writing emotional comments filled with love and enthusiasm.

Ikea Speaks on the Campaign

Ada Gianneskis Communication manager at Ikea Greece spoke about the campaign. She stated that the Ikea home environment is the perfect setting for such a story to unfold. She expressed her joy that the story was able to engage and move so many viewers, making their message travel far more than what they could have imagined.


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