Thinx Imagines a World Where Men Get Periods


Thinx, a brand which makes ‘period-proof underwear’ recently launched its first national campaign. The campaign features an ad titled “MENstruation”. The ad reimagines a world where men and women get their periods and no one is uncomfortable talking about them. By imagining a world where men get periods Thinx is trying to paint a picture on how culture will change surrounding the issue of periods.

Thinx Imagines a World Where Men Get Periods

About the “MENstrutation” Ad

The “MENstruation” ad was created by agency BBDO New York and directed by Rachel McDonald. It reimagines a world where men get periods. We see men talk about their periods openly and casually. One scene shows a boy telling his dad that he got his first period. Another scene shows a man asking a colleague for a tampon. We see a teen boy dropping pads out of his locker and a girl helping pick them up. There’s a scene where we see a man rolling over in bed to reveal a bloodstain on his sheets. There’s a guy checking out his jeans in a bathroom mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a stain.

Most of the scenes follow this similar outline, the ad aims to convey the message that if both sexes had periods, the discomfort around periods will be gone. The ad ends with a tag that states “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them”. It concludes with a call to action for all viewers, “It’s time to get comfortable” talking about and destigmatizing menstruation.


Thinx Speaks on the Campaign

Maria Molland, chief executive of Thinx, spoke about the campaign. She talked about how women are taught from a young age that periods, which is the body’s natural process is something to be ashamed of. Molland talks about how we go through great lengths to conceal it by telling us to hide out period products or how we have to constantly check our clothes for any leaks or stains. According to Mollands,  80% of teens [with periods] report a negative association with periods and say they are gross or unsanitary.

She stated that their first national TV campaign, they are imagining the answer to this question: If all people had periods, including cisgender men, would they be normalized? Would we be able to talk openly about them, without shame? Half the population does have a period, and we want to broaden the conversation to everyone, no period required.

BBDO New York Speaks on the Campaign

Said Crystal Rix, chief strategy officer of BBDO New York spoke about the campaign. He stated the goal was authenticity and empathy. So much of the industry and culture uses ridiculous euphemism to talk about periods. They wanted an honest and sincere attempt to build understanding and empathy for people with periods.


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