The Startup A-Team: 5 Team Members Every Startup Needs


According to stats, 92 per cent of startups within the first 3 years. These stats are very startling and terrifying. Most of the time these startups have the right idea, they may have their research and are ready to tackle the market. They may even have strong investor backing but may have the wrong team members. Having the right team members can be the deciding factor in how successful your startup becomes. On Today’s post, we are going to be sharing 5 team members every startup needs to be successful. We have called them the Startup A-Team, every member of the Startup A-Team is crucial to the success of your startup.

The Startup A-Team: 5 Team Members Every Startup Needs

The Go-Getter

The go-getter is a crucial member of the Startup A-team, this individual is the person that gets things done in your team. Every startup needs the fire and passion of a go-getter. This individual is the person who gets down to business and accomplishes task. This person doesn’t give excuses, this person doesn’t see stumbling blocks but see stepping stones. The go-getter will stop at nothing to accomplish the startup goals. This individual isn’t just good for getting things done but the person’s fire and passion will inspire the whole team.

The Industry Veteran

Another member in the Startup A-Team is the Industry Veteran, every startup who has experience in the industry. Even if your idea is new and would completely revolutionize the industry, you still need someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. The Industry Veteran knows the trade secrets, he or she knows how everybody does it in the industry. When you come with the knowledge for the Industry Veteran on how things work, it is easier for you to shake up the industry.

The Finance Guru

A finance guru is also part of the Startup A-Team, most startups are created to make profits. You need someone who understands how to maintain healthy cash flow. This person will ensure you are making profits and will keep your expenses running low. Having a finance guru in your Startup team can help you avoid the common funding problems that dying startups face.

The Sales Expert

Another member of the Startup A-Team that’s very crucial is the sales expert. Often Startups rely on the brilliance of their idea to drive sales and neglect having a sales expert on their team. A sales expert will help to minimize your risk and help you drive financial goals. The salesperson will give you the best strategies to help you dominate your market. A good salesperson can sell a mediocre idea as a revolutionary one.

The Innovator

This is another crucial member of the Startup A-team, every startup team needs someone who can come up with the right ideas. This team member comes up with the ideas that will help the startup standout and excel.  This member is the dreamer the spark that keeps the team alive.


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