The Peloton Wife is Back in Aviation Gin’s Latest Ad


Peloton released an ad that was the centre of a lot of controversies. The ad was deemed one of the worst ads ever and it spurred a million think pieces and spoofs. Many accused the ad of pandering and being very sexist. The main actresses who are not called the Peloton Girl or Peloton Wife bore the brunt of a lot of the backlash and jokes. The actress who is called Monica Ruiz is back and this time she is the star of an Aviation Gin ad. 

About the Peleton Wife Ad

The really bad Peloton ad stars Monica Ruiz as a wife who gets an exercise bike from her husband and chronicles her year of staying in shape in the weirdest fashion. At the end of the year, she talks about how the bike had changed her life. As you probably guessed the ad was not well received with many calling it sexist and pandering. 

In an attempt to build on the Peloton ad fiasco and probably help remedy it for the actress, Ryan Reynolds, owner of Aviation Gin recruited the actress. He decided to have a little fun at her expense in a humorous Aviation Gin ad, which Reynolds has tweeted out. In Reynolds’ tweet, he simply states, “Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin”, and lets the action unfold for the viewer.

About the Aviation Gin Ad

The ad begins with a close-up of Ruiz’s face, much like her wide-eyed shot from the Peloton ad where she looks nervously into the camera before starting her year-long exercise routine. From there, it pans out to show two friends flanking her, not really knowing how to react for 10 uncomfortable seconds as the camera continues to pan back and reveal that the three are sitting at a bar with three gin martinis.

Ruiz then breaks the silence by saying “This gin is really smooth.” That opens the door for the friends to tell her that everything is OK and that she’s in a safe place with them. They then cheer “To new beginnings” before Ruiz downs her entire glass in a prolonged chug as her friend offers her another. The action then moves to a glamour shot of the gin in a Christmas setting as we hear one of the friends say, “You look great, by the way,” in a final razz of the Peloton ad. In one more dig, the ad is titled ‘The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back’ which pokes fun of the Peloton’s ‘The Gift That Gives Back’ header.



Source: The Drum


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